Building on the traditional ideals of Chambers of Commerce, TACC offers a mutually beneficial membership opportunity for both Taiwanese and American businesses alike. Built on three primary pillars, the TACC offers members a resource for economic development; an influential voice with legislative decision makers; and regular networking opportunities to come together, meet and communicate with potential business prospects, share ideas and learn. In addition to the three pillars, TACC is committed to timely communication with its members. These efforts support both the pillars and the mission at the base of the organization.

News & Events

If President Trump Wants to Buy an Island, he Should Buy Taiwan

Column written by Neil Hare: If the United States is island shopping, it is time to forget about Greenland and take a look at the island nation of Taiwan, that sits literally and figuratively in the middle of U.S.-China relations.

Fighting Inequality Means an Internationally Recognized Taiwan

Written by TACC CEO, Neil Hare: G7 meeting in Biarritz will focus on reducing inequality throughout the world – a commendable goal. One of the first places the G7 nations should look to achieve a tangible result to this end is the Taiwan islands with normal international status.

Taiwan president heads to Caribbean with US stops

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen departed Thursday for a four-country state visit to the Caribbean with stops in the United States on the way there and back.