What We Do

COMMITTED TO ITS THREE-PILLAR FOUNDATION, the TACC strives to provide its members with current regulatory updates, a stronger voice and education-rich resources. In addition, we aim to facilitate impactful, focused communication and opportunities for continued business growth and profitability through networking and events.




Taiwan produces many goods that are imported and sold in the U.S. The U.S. also produces and exports an almost equal revenue of goods to Taiwan. The opportunity to further develop and grow economic relations between Taiwan and United States already exists. TACC strives to foster new and existing business relationships through communication, connections, resources, education and more.



We are stronger together. The business environment in Taiwan is vibrant and prosperous. The same can be said for business in the United States. TACC strives to provide a stronger voice for American and Taiwanese businesses by advocating for legislation that effects business in the United States. This includes policies impacting import, export, free trade, business-related taxes, regulations and more. The Chamber works to advocate for the regulations that best promote a positive and successful business environment for our members.



TACC is pleased to bring its members and potential members an array of events, networking and educational opportunities. These events provide a platform for coming together to foster and maintain relationships, build business, close deals, find resources, collaborate, plan and grow your contact base. You never know when someone in your professional circle will be the one person you need to call on for assistance, or when someone may become your most valued customer, cheerleader or ally.

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